Our Workflows

Project preparation

Project manager:

  • Analyzes files
  • Prepares cost analysis and timeline
  • Obtains instructions from client, including:
    • Goals of publication
    • Target languages
    • Target audience, region, age range
    • Reading level specifications
    • Accessibility requirements (for print and online)
    • QA process to be followed (peer review, field testing, etc.)
    • Image substitution, when culturally appropriate

Team selection

Project manager selects suitable translators, proofreaders, and consultants as needed, and secures their services.

Terminology management

Project manager, in conjunction with terminologist, compiles glossaries, reference documents and translation memory files.


Translation process

Translator translates documents, sends first version to the reviewer.


Reviewer proofreads translation to verify that:

  • Meaning is preserved
  • Translation is culturally appropriate
  • Literacy level and style are right for the target audience
  • Spelling and grammar are correct


Translator considers and implements reviewers’ suggestions. Documents are finalized and files exported back to their native file format.

Graphic design

Graphic designer finalizes the file layout and creates comment-enabled documents for review.

Copy editing

Copy editor reviews the graphic layout of the publication.

Client sign-off

After client review and seal of approval, designer prepares camera-ready files for printing and/or posting online, packages design files and the project is delivered.

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