Our Tools

We leverage the latest language technologies and share the benefits and savings with our clients.

Translation memory

Translation memory programs store translated segments (sentences, phrases, and terminology) in a database and make it very easy to view and recycle previously translated content. Benefits include:

  • Consistent terminology use, even when multiple translators work on the same project
  • Possibility of translating a wide variety of file formats (eliminates the need to extract the copy for translation to later place the translated text back in the publication)
  • Cost savings (many sentences and phrases only need to be translated once)
  • Translating document updates is fast and easy

Terminology management

Terminology management programs facilitate the extraction of the key words and phrases from projects with multiples files, and the creation of glossaries with preferred terminology. These glossaries can subsequently be imported into the translation editing environment and prompt translators to use the approved lexicon.

Secure collaborative websites

Our secure collaborative project-based sites streamline communication so that our teams and clients can share files, view timelines, post milestones, and communicate in real time.

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